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Getting Started with 5G Development Portal

Wilab's Development Portal is your gateway to a world of possibilities, providing a suite of APIs designed to empower developers in creating cutting-edge applications that leverage NWDAF analytics. This portal offers a range of APIs that deliver valuable insights and control over various NWDAF analytics and specific Sanboxes to test your developments.

Explore Our APIs

Our portal hosts a family of APIs, each serving a unique purpose in the NWDAF analytics ecosystem:

  • User: Retrieve and update User information, including a customizable webhook for notifications related to your locations of interest.
  • Location of Interest: Manage locations of your interest and stay informed about devices being close to those locations.
  • Network Object Load: Check how busy specific parts of the network are. Customize your view by choosing the type of network and slice you're interested in.
  • Network Performance: Get real-time data on gNB status, resource usage, UE count, communication performance, and mobility performance (handovers), offering a comprehensive snapshot of the network's current operational state.
  • Service Experience: Service experience is based on estimated MOS (Mean Opinion Score), which in turn is created based on the delivery of data to a device as part of an overall service delivery e.g. audio-visual streaming, web browsing, V2X (Vehicle to Everything).
  • Slice Load: Provides data on the current load of a network slice identified by a specific name.