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This portal supports the following Services


Retrieve and update User information, including a customizable webhook for notifications related to your subscriptions for locations of interest.

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Location Of Interest

Manage subscriptions referring to specific locations and devices and receive notifications when they get close to those locations.

Network Object Load

Check how busy specific parts of the network are. Customize your view by choosing the type of network and slice you're interested in.

Network Performance

Get real-time data on gNB status, resource usage, UE count, communication performance, and mobility performance (handovers), offering a comprehensive snapshot of the network's current operational state.

Service Experience

Service experience is based on estimated MOS (Mean Opinion Score), which in turn is created based on the delivery of data to a device as part of an overall service delivery e.g. audio-visual streaming, web browsing, V2X (Vehicle to Everything).

Slice Load

Provides data on the current load of a network slice identified by a specific name.