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Getting started

This section will help you get started with the Location of Interest Load API service.


Ensure secure access by including your developer token in the request Authorization header.

User Journey

To better understand how the Location of Interest API works, let's walk through a typical user journey:

  • Create a Location of Interest:

    • Use the POST /interest/locations endpoint to create a new subscription for a location on the map and specific device.
      • Provide details such as the geographic coordinates and the device's MSISDN.
  • Receive Notifications:

    • As you move around and your device enters a coverage area where you have created a subscription, the Location of Interest service triggers a notification.
    • You receive the notification via the specified webhook, containing the device's number and location of interest coordinates.
  • Manage Your Subscriptions:

    • Use the GET /interest/locations endpoint to view a list of all locations/devices you subscribed to.
    • Explore specific subscriptions in detail using the GET /interest/locations/[locationOfInterestID] endpoint.
    • Remove subscriptions from your list using the DELETE /interest/locations/[locationOfInterestID] endpoint.

This simplified user journey illustrates the simplified process of marking locations, receiving notifications, and managing your preferences through the Location of Interest API.