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Welcome to the Location of Interest API service. This API allows you to manage subscriptions referring to specific locations and devices. Subscribing to locations of interests allows you to receive notifications when the requested device enters the coverage area of those specific geographic points.

The Location of Interest API provides a user-friendly interface to manage subscriptions representing geographic points of interest. Whether you aim to subscribe to a new location, view existing ones, or remove one, this API simplifies the process.

Key Features

  • Create Locations of Interest: Subscribe to specific geographic points on the map that interest you and which device you want to be notified about.

  • Receive Notifications: When your device enters a coverage area containing a location of interest, you'll be notified via your configured webhook. The notification includes the device's number and the geographic coordinates of the particular location of interest.

  • Manage Your Subscriptions: Easily view and delete subscriptions through straightforward API endpoints.

This API is designed to enhance your experience by allowing you to stay informed about your preferred locations and devices. Start exploring the Location of Interest API now and tailor your geographic preferences for a more personalized notification experience.